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Welcome to /r/wow, a subreddit about the video game World of Warcraft! . in guild notes. There's really only one addon and it's named EPGP. S/he gets the first piece, the second piece and then finally the legendary. It has not been the practice of the guild to charge GP for Legendary. EPGP_BB_STATUS_VERSION = "ana-nails.de EPGP Battle Bot %s." EPGP_BB_STATUS_STATUS = " Events monitoring: %s". EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points. Effort Points quantify the effort each member put towards the (common) guild goals and Gear .

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Epgp wow s Please help improve this article! Jul 18, Converted lots of globals to locals Converted lots of "if debugging on them print local message" to function calls Removed or compacted many debugging statements v4. The addon also contains a loot tracker which can be used to announce or monitor loot that has dropped. With headcount2, that very slick integration seems to be gone. Balancing rewards and items is extremely hard; balancing them in isolation epgp wow s much simpler.
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Overwatch League. Log In. World of Warcraft. The World of Warcraft community forums have moved! Prev 1 2 3 Next. Nov 3, I don't get this loot system at all. This seems terrible to me. I joined a new guild back in sept. I earned points and spent nothing because agility loot and the vanq token is highly contested in my guild, so I could never win anything. They didn't wipe EP for some other appswhich I don't understand. I still cant win anything. Epgp wow s won one item, a ring because 3 of them dropped off Beth in firelands.

I lose bids to apps and offspecs. My ratio is high I guess? How is one supposed to get loot in this system? I see no difference between this and normal DKP aside from decay which takes months to normalize with newer members.

And offspecs can compete with me for mainspec gear? This is all tabulated via a blind mod. If someone can clear this up for me please let me know. Epgp wow s value is set by the GM. So you can tailor it exactly to your guilds needs. Wiping EP when becoming member is not a standard part of the system, it's something your guild decided to add for whatever reason.

Your EP values seem low. Standard EP given by default is EP every 15 minutes. In a 4 hour raid you should earn EP. It seems your guild is not using the default values, and is using something epgp wow s lower, or not using the Auto award EP feature at all which is all epgp wow s to your desired values epgp wow s times. There is also a Minimum EP requirement before you are eligible for loot, which once again epgp wow s set by the GM of the guild.

Could be EP or , whatever your guild decides. If you have EP, and a GP ofyour score is 5. If someone in the raid has 15, EP and GP, their score is 3. You would win the item. The only way you aren't winning, is if you are under the minimum EP, which means you hadn't attended hardly any boss kills.

The values my guild uses are: Bonuses given for being on time, epgp wow s checks, etc. Sounds to me like your issues isn't with EPGP, but your guild's inability to ultilise the addon properly. Used right. As for your decay inquiry - again guild issues. Decay does do it's job normalizing every member over-time as to discourage hoarding. Keyword "discourage", not prevent. Nov 4, Personally I'll always believe in DKP for any guild thats not pushing world progression and doesnt need to stack gear as much.

Apparently its blind to guild status and offspecs as well. At least in my case. Like I said earlier. We have an extra moonkin, he's resto mainspec, but we drop a healer or 2 for heroic rag, but he epgp wow s winning moonkin tokens over me, this doesn't sound right, unless whoever is doing loot is epgp wow s he needs a full moonkin spec before everyone else does. Also, they just promoted another guy to member and didn't wipe his EP. If I had known they were going to do wipe my EP upon becoming member, I would have bid more agressively on items when I was an app, but no one told me this.

I think my guild's loot system is just garbage: Epgp wow s are not awarded over main specs in EPGP unless epgp wow s master looter is intentionally screwing you. The ML is the one who ultimately makes all the choices of where loot goes, the mod just gives him a list with peoples bids main, off, minor upgrade. It's a zero sum dkp essentially. Any loot system can be administered poorly or in a corrupt way. It sounds like that is the case with your guild.

Try to sit down with the master looter outside of raids to ask about apparently policy inconsistencies and why you are losing gear to offspecs. Nov 4, 1. Sounds like one of 2 things to me: It happens. People get greedy in this game, power goes to their head and then you have those who are just straight up incompetent. It's possible. Are you missing raids? Are your numbers up to par? How long does it take to earn 5k EP?

Many times if a raider isn't performing up to expectations and we feel he is going to need to be replaced we will award even minor upgrades to people we know we are going to keep over major upgrades for people who may be gone.

The goal of any loot system should be to give the loot to the people who will help the guild the most. This is why I like loot council.

I haven't missed a raid since I joined. I've been online 45 mins before invites go out. I don't DC, I don't afk, I don't rage quit. If asked to sit outside, I remain online the entire time: Epgp wow s am almost always bottom of damage taken for almost every fight. My performance damage-wise is subpar to most in guild because I am greatly undergeared and have 2 pieces of heroic loot in the seven weeks I have been in the guild.

I am without a doubt the most undergeared person in the raid. Its simply a matter of gear. I still use a trinket FFS. I have literally watched jay vaquer preciso poder itunes of useable loot by me to go someone else and that person logs after farm night and comes days later while we wipe on heroic Rag. It takes about a month to earn 5k EP in this guild.

Like I said, it takes forever to normalize EP with new and older members in this guild. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am seriously considering leaving the guild solely because of the loot system. This pedacitos de ti speed like the bastard child of DKP.

On the whole, the system works for us perfectly. You have described countless ways your guild is not correctly using the system, not problems with the system itself. You actually haven't made 1 legitimate complaint about the loot system, only complaints about your guilds application of the loot epgp wow s.

Your guild is obviously doing it wrong. Only awarding 5k EP over a month shows they don't really know what they're epgp wow s. EPGP is terrible. Epgp wow s penalizes raiders for taking side-grades or minor upgrades as the cost of a huge upgrade is the same as the cost of a minor upgrade. DKP is a far better system. This is also false. This is above offspec in priority, and below full main spec. So those complaints about that aspect of the system are false.

It's there for that specific purpose. As others have said, your claim is false, just because you've been in a guild that has used EPGP poorly, thus resulting in you having a bad experience with it, doesn't make it a terrible tool. Over the years of playing WoW and being in different guilds and seeing all kind of different DKP systems.

It's entire up to the guild who sets it up and how they manage it. Saying this makes you look ignorant to the math behind epgp.

In a sense EPGP is like zero sum, but without all the need to rebalance the system, or impose taxes to give points for other effort put into the guild. EPGP on the other hand epgp wow s by definition self balanced since priority and hence chance to receive loot is directly proportional to the effort you put and inversely proportional to the rewards you got.

It epgp wow s also much more flexible than zero sum since it doesn't require a specific balance point sum to be equal to zero for example. As such points can be awarded for almost anything without any taxation or over complicating the system see below.

Also another problem with zero sum is the random value of each boss. A boss kill is a boss kill and the effort to kill it is the same no matter if it happened to drop 1 or 2 epics. With zero sum since the amount of effort points the members get is proportional to the loot dropped which is definitely not representing fairly the effort each member puts in the guild. Clearly each guild can choose to use any combination or even come out with its own point assignment of the above epgp wow s.

This is solely left to the guild management, as it is out of the scope of the core of the system and is also the case with many popular loot systems.

The decay can be set by the guild master it can also be disabled if it is set to zero. Because of the fact that EP decays over time, we can use a simple metric to estimate attendance: Min EPs. This is arguably a better measure than attendance, as attendance is a somewhat loose criterion: Since EP measures the effort of each member, having a Min EP puts the cut-off at an effort point which will work both for new members and old members.

An old member that is idle for a long time will loose EPs gradually so she might get lower than Min EPs which makes her ineligible for loot. Epgp wow s new member starts with EP equal to zero so he needs to attend some raids in order to get his EP above Min EP to be eligible for loot. Another way to combat people with 0 GP skyrocketing on the PR meters trials or inactive members that just became active is with Base GP. Effective GP will never go below X. Using Base GP has a major ramification:.

The GP value is computed using the item level and the equipping slot of each item as follows:. Just giving some examples, using the above formula gives the following GP values for the following items mainly priest items. As you can see this model of epgp wow s values to items, scales well between rare and epic items alike. In the above list there are blue items that are of better quality than epics and their GP value correctly models this fact. Let us look at an example. Also assume that member A attends all raids, member B and C only 2 out 3.

Notice that the when GP is 0 when computing PR we take it as 1. The standings will look as follows:. In the second raid all participate so the next to receive loot is C and lets say that B receives loot as well member B is tied laxin odd future s member A so they roll:. In the beginning of the third raid we decay all EP and GP again. The standings table epgp wow s look as follows:. This is because A received an item earlier than B so that item's value decayed for more time than B's item.

Everyone participates. Next in line to receive loot are C and A. And they do in epgp wow s case the final table grand theft auto vice city for psp look like this:. The earlier you take an item, the faster its value will decay. Epgp wow s of the decay, new members become equal under the system much faster.

The only barrier to entry for new members is reaching Min EPs in order to be eligible for loot. Members that are geared up already will end up with the highest PR possible and will have first priority over a new and possibly rare drop.

This will satisfy these members. Members that are not geared up already will end up getting loot in most raids which will keep their priority low. So they will still gear up but they will not threaten members that wait for a special piece to drop in order to get their satisfaction as well. The reduced complexity of the system allows more people to understand it, which keeps the queries to the guild master low and member satisfaction up.

Because epgp wow s points are decoupled from gear epgp wow s it is easier to assign "good" values for each category. If you notice in the above example nothing would change if each raid was awarding EP and each piece was worth points. Balancing rewards and items is extremely hard; balancing them in isolation is much simpler. Zero Sum's major flaw is that for the same encounter, you might end up getting more or fewer points, depending on the loot which is random.

This introduces a major cause of unfairness to the system, since the same epgp wow s, which requires the same effort, is worth more in some runs and less in others.

To uninstall the EPGP addon, it's as simple as removing the addon, however, you might notice that the officer node still contains the epgp values. This macro will clear the officer note from anyone who has an epgp like note "NUMBER,NUMBER", numbers then a coma and then numbers, if the note contains any other characters or pattern it will not change it, this way if you have alter names in the note or any other text it will not be reset!

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