Haswell cpu heat spreeder

haswell cpu heat spreeder

If you choose to re-use the heat spreader, you simply coat the CPU die with a very thin layer of your choice of thermal paste and gently place. This is the tiny die underneath an Intel Skylake CPU's heat spreader in fact it's smaller than most of Intel's previous CPUs such as Haswell. We all know that Ivy-Bridge had a non-soldered IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) that resulted in hot and uneven core temperatures! Even if we. Malaysian overclocker Owikh84 has posted a picture of what he claims to be a Haswell-E processor, the Core iX, with its heat spreader. Heatspreader on the left, CPU on the right [ana-nails.de or Skylake are not soldered while the large Haswell-EP CPUs are soldered. It was later confirmed that Intel had changed the TIM interfacing the CPU die surface to the heat spreader with Haswell, leading to the hotter. haswell cpu heat spreeder

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Sep 15, 0 18, 2. Did you guys see this? Just popped up on my feed. Well I have a K and I know that 5. I always feel I have headroom but 4. What about those first few reports which said that these haswell cpu heat spreeder are a breeze to OC?

If Intel did do this on purpose, its pretty disappointing. Just my two cents here. Posted on Xbitlabs. Hey has einstein and eddington picked up and used Haswell yet? Its not available here yet.

Mar 14, 6, 0 18, Well, of course they sent out the highest ES's, it's intel Haswell OC's very poorly based on all the site reviews and industry analysts feel intel was very misleading about the ES's sent out, as nothing in the regular product gets close to the OC's on the review samples. Is anyone using Haswell at the moment?

And cooling also thank you. Sep 21, 4, 0 26, Hi, For right now stick with the k. Like you say 4. Feb 17, 3, 0 13, I would be interested in seeing how much a proper deliding or watercooling an naked haswell die will increase OC headroom. May 22, 5, 0 19, Ankor77 Distinguished. Feb 10, 6 0 18, 0. I built a k build on Sunday and have a corsair H60 installed.

I am not interested in overclocking until I need to though so I cant provide much insight. I'm coming from an i7 so this is a pretty good upgrade. Definitely noticeably faster overall but that's to be expected. Yuka Splendid. May 3, 5, 0 26, It would be a very bad business practice if you let "luck" play a part in reviews. Anyway, it doesn't take away that it could be the same as the early Q of its time.

Give it some months for another revision. Please tell me you OC'ed you before going Haswell. I messed around with it a bit but nothing crazy. I'm not a big overclocker. Money wasn't an issue and I have had the upgrade itch for a long time. I almost pulled the trigger on SB-E a while ago but decided to wait. Also my brother in law needs a PC. This gave me the easy excuse to upgrade and haswell cpu heat spreeder my older system down to him.

Well, at least the other 2 culprits have QA well enough under control that the ES's don't haswell cpu heat spreeder the regular product by a wide margin though. I am not saying anyone is innocent Maybe they watch their backs for a possible backslash and save the fine stash for later "special edition" parts. That thing is nothing but aged wine with a bigger sticker price. Yes, I can imagine that's exactly what it is Can you imagine if the ES's from the hit 5. AMD would have been boiled in oil over it!

However, Intel pulls that sort of shenanigans and the public laugh it off as an after thought that they're getting swindled over a fair rfid attendance system ppt of "blue sky" in the potential performance!

Yes, we know, and we despise it Public is still going to go online and buy an HP or Dell or whatever desktop and never know the difference. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads M. Cpu upgrade for haswell chip Started by mitchell. Haswell i7 vs Haswell cpu heat spreeder i7 k? Started by sheblimohammad05 May 6, Haswell cpu heat spreeder Started by zedec. Is it better to pick up Haswell instead of coffee lake because of high ram prices since i am not budget Started by SeverinV Mar 12, Replies: Graphics Cards.

PSU tier list 2. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Cpu upgrade for haswell chip. Jan 17, Nov 25, Oct 19, Jun 19, Should I upgrade my Haswell rig or buy a new Coffee lake rig. May 27, Upgrading Haswell PC. May 21, May 6, Upgrading the BIOS may require a di. May 5, Apr 1, Is it better to pick up Haswell instead of coffee lake because of high ram prices since i am not budget.

Mar 12,

Once the processor has been delidded, you have two options for running the processor in your system:. Going with the naked die approach may net you the best temperatures, but it is also the most perilous and could easily result in a cracked die or dead CPU.

To use MSI's spacer, you must first take apart the existing socket hardware using a T20 torx headed screwdriver, carefully place the CPU in the socket, and then fix the MSI Die Guard in place using the socket screws and the socket backplate. If you have reassembled the socket corrected with the CPU in place, it should reassemble the socket picture shown above.

At that point, you carefully mount the CPU cooler in place and fire up your system. If all went well, you should notice significant temperature improvements.

If you choose to re-use the heat spreader, you simply coat the CPU die with a very thin layer of your choice of thermal paste and gently place the heat haswell cpu heat spreeder back on top of the CPU PCB. Make sure that the orientation of the heat spread is correct or you risk severly damaging the chip. Then place the CPU back into the socket and lock it in place with the socket hardware. If you so desire, you can remove the CPU from the board and remove the heat spreader, to check that the heat spreader and die are making good contact.

At that point, simply put it all back together with the CPU cooler and power on the system. While the temperatures you see with this method will not be as low as with direct die cooling, you have much less of a risk of cracking or crushing the CPU die.

It did work for a little while. I saw major decreases in running temps, upwards of C with much better temperature consistency across the cores. Being the tinker I am, I decided to see if I could get better temperatures with different water blocks - thats where the problems began. On my next system boot, one or two of my cores jumped to C under load even haswell cpu heat spreeder the CPU at stock clock settings.

Luckily, the CPU was not totally dead but was unusable in its current state for prolonged period of time read that as usable in my primary system.

Your mileage may vary on this, but if you do decide to delid your processor, I would recommend going with the heat spreader approach and not even attempt the direct die cooling.

It could be a costly adventure if you do Is that a sort of pun on it being the wiser method or do you not know how to spell 'vice'? With the older AMD CPUs, the dies were much smaller, which allowed for easier and safer heat sink use without a heat spreader in place. The larger dies, also cause issues for some users who only use a tiny drop of thermal compound which fails to property cover the die area.

That is not true, over time die size has remained similar, but transistor count has increased significantly. This means, that even though TDP has gone down, there is more heat being produced in a smaller area. Haswell cpu heat spreeder transistors are also less resilient to heat. This is the need for a the IHS. Secondly, if contact between the CPU and the heatsink haswell cpu heat spreeder good, the less TIM is used, and the better the transfer of heat will be.

This is because heat transfer is a function of thickness of the material. Sorry that happened to you, Morry. That is one strong reason why I don't bother with extreme overclocking, and thus never need to resort to such "in-depth" methods to boost overclocking potential. The benefits never seemed to outweigh the potential loss of a chip. What type of temps are people getting with this method using air or standard enclosed kits found in most stores? Also what type of overclocks are people getting with these impoved temps?

None of this was addressed so I'm not even sure if it's worth the trouble. Unfortunately, my CPU die cracked before i could really get any in-depth analysis done on temps and overclocking.

However, I did see a 20C drop in temps initially until that of which will not be haswell cpu heat spreeder occurred: Understood Morry, 20c is nothing to scoff at. That will at the very least extend the life and stability of your CPU since intel's boost will likely react better to temps in the much healthier threshold.

Anyone have a good experience with this? What were your OC results? We can't expect Morry to possibly sacrifice another flagship chip: Do you ever get the impression that people don't even read the articles? Heck, at least look haswell cpu heat spreeder the pretty pictures!!! If only all things worked that well; I could try to turn on my TV and have the stove leak gas instead. If only that big x86 CPU monopoly had used better thermal interface material to begin with, no one would have to flip their lids, or crack their dies.

Thank the gods haswell-e will be going back to soldered tim like my ix. Finally upgrading my x58 ac bloodlines psp iso and I thought I was going to have to delid to be able to properly overclock the ix 8 core. Since 8 core haswell-e will only be 3. Now that haswell-e is back to quality soldering as the tim delidding is no longer necessary. I know 8 core haswell-e is not going to hit 4. I'll be water cooling it.

Thats also why i have a huge mm mm x 3 and triple thick 60mm radiator. Just 1 massive loop that cools everything. I'm not totally crazy with that huge a setup just to cool the cpu. Laststop is my heeeeeero. Just be sure to keep those radiator fans running quiet. You don't want the noise to leave the basement and anger your mom and dad. Changed my mind and said it's not even haswell cpu heat spreeder the headache. PhoneyVirus https: The reduction in distance between the die and heatspreader, due to the removal of the glue, is the reason you get lower temps.

It has next to nothing to do with the quality of the TIM. Why doesn't intel just solder their dies to the spreader? There wouldn't even be a need to delid. PC Perspective. Register Password Reminder. Review Index: Introduction The Vise Method: Step by Step Putting it all back together.

Morry Teitelman. EditorialCases and CoolingProcessors. Putting it all back together Reconstruction Once the processor has been delidded, you have two options for running the processor in your system: Use the CPU with naked die, requiring use of some type of spacer to protect the die from being crushed Replace the heat spreader on the CPU after careful reapplication of your choice of thermal paste Naked Die Approach Going with the naked die approach may net you the haswell cpu heat spreeder temperatures, but haswell cpu heat spreeder is also the most perilous and could easily result in a cracked die or dead CPU.

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