Lagu seo in guk smile and cry face

lagu seo in guk smile and cry face

Lirik lagu han groo ost marriage not dating tiap denger kok gua jadi berlinang air mata. a Thirty But when I cry The People OST Rex. Kim Dong Gun Mo Kim Dasom Kim Samuel Seo Young ZEA nbspnbspnbspMoon Joon Oh Yoon OST Koyote nbspnbspnbspKim Yong Guk Longguo Kim Eden Egobomb EI Electroboyz. Ap Ab Avenue About Time Slip. lirik lagu ost married not dating D Rhino Gaekju OST Misaeng OST Crying Fist OST King Louie OST Secretly Greatly OST HIGH Junior nbspnbspnbspSungmin Super Star QR OST Red Face MV officialpsy Kim more lirik lagu MP amp Sammy Nicole Night Watchman OST Yongguk amp. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Hangul: 하늘에서 내리는 일억개의 별; RR: Haneureseo Naerineun Ireokgaeui Byeol; lit. Hundred Million Stars From the Sky ) is a South Korean television series starring Seo In-guk. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes-Seo, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes- Jung, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes-Park, The Smile.

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Welcome to our weekly KDrama Club Meeting! Just like a book club, everyone is encouraged to freely join in with their thoughts and ideas. Just like a book club, in the KDrama Club everyone is encouraged to freely join in with their thoughts and ideas.

Step 1. If one, some, or all spark your interest then…. Step 2: Pop down to the comments section and leave your response. Please include the question number so we know which question you are answering. Step 3 optional: This is the perfect place to have meaningful KDrama conversations…or just fangirl like crazy. Think of our questions as conversation starters, not limiters. Spoilers are not only rampant, but they are encouraged.

We want this to be a free, open chat where you can feel safe talking about any part of the drama. Jump to Comments. The suspense they built was relentless too. But the best part of the drama was really the chemistry between the leads.

Their performances elevated the drama from entertainment to art. Jump to Comments Section. And they were always between Jin Kang and Moo Young. I loved how comfortable they seemed together. Watching Jung So Min snuggle in his arms, it looked as lagu seo in guk smile and cry face she really was as blissful as a woman in love. Basically, name any time they held or smiled at each other, lagu seo in guk smile and cry face that was one of my favorites. This question plagued me through the entire drama.

Why did Jin Kook hate Moo Young so savagely? Was it that he was a reminder of his wrongs? Was it that he really believed Moo Young was a killer? Perhaps you can help me with this one. Poor Moo Young. To Yoo Jin Kook he was a reminder of past sins, to the doctor a phenomenon to be observed, to the witch Noona a plaything, to his various girlfriends an object to fill their emptiness, but to no one was he human except Jin Kang.

Moo Young never intended to be a monster. Both times he behaved badly, first with Yoo Mi and then with Seung Ah, it began by wanting to help them.

He saw hurting, oppressed women and wanted to give them their freedom. Did he make bad choices? Ho boy, yeah! But his intentions were not originally bad, contrary to what even he thought. But we saw that filter erase when he stood before his parents memorial, and realize for the first time that asl dictionary pdf was truly alone.

No one was coming for him. He had been abandoned after all. It was the first time he allowed himself to feel the pain, and with it came an honesty. It was after that he told Jin Kang he wanted to be reborn. I rank this drama right up there with Scarlett Heart: Ryeo for heartwrenching endings. First, because they were killed at the very moment they wished to live. Next because, without a witness, their murderer probably will never be caught. They did nothing to deserve the tragedy that they lived in, especially Moo Young.

Poetic or lagu seo in guk smile and cry face, that they will never get the chance to forgive and be forgiven is not just sad, it is cruel. Happy Commenting! We hope you can also join us for our next KDrama Club Meeting: Return to Questions. She enjoys late night kdrama binges with her two dogs. I really liked it. Am I allowed to say that?

Good doesnt have to mean happy. It made me feel so deeply for the tragicness of it all. Of course I would have liked happy but there are plenty of other dramas for that.

Maybe he feels responsible that he ended up the way he did? Not a monster. He just needed love. That Noona has it coming.

The ending was what it needed to be. They did end up together forever so you can look at it that way if it helps. I cried more in this than any other drama. I thought Sacred Heart and Goblin were as tear jerking as it could get but this was just painful. It took several episodes of Shopping King Louis to recover!

Do i like this drama? Oh I love it alright, it has all the recipe for a melodrama. I cried, i laughed, My heart fluttered, i felt fear worry, it shattered into lagu seo in guk smile and cry face all at once. Why are you believing that snake!?

Gahhhh writing all of this is making me cry Again because of The what ifs that could have happened in the drama. Frankly because of how far, yaariyan movies s kickasstorrents My opinion, They had went astray With The potrayal of The characters from The original one i was really hoping They Would make The drama be totally different and that a redemption arc Would have been possible.

Mooyoung was so humanize in My eyes that i cant seem To see him as evil even when he killed seran IT wasnt because he was pissed of her he felt like he needed To protect jin kang from going through The same hurt like him. IT was different from The original Ryo Who killed The woman just because he was angered By her teasing him about him and his sister. Also There were some plot holes that i noticed after rewatching that Made me think ya what was that about.

I think what i love most about The drama is how mooyoung is struggling To feel lagu seo in guk smile and cry face again after all The wrongs he Did and how jin kang passionately never gives up on him right till The end, its really their love that draws me to The drama and i have No regrets watching IT.

In The final scene i sobbed so hard when mooyoung was looking at The stars and dreaming that Jin kang was next To him, seriously when her figure dissapeared i cried so hard because of how lonely Mooyoung look at that scene and broken Without jin kang By his Side. What can I say about this couple. I was interested in this drama mainly because of somin and seo inguk because I like somin in BTLIOF so i was curious about her new project and also i havent seen seo in guk for Awhile in a drama those two peak my curiousity.

Then his interest got a Lot more deeper when he listened to her conversation With chorong, but I think what really Made him like her is how She is different from The rest when they instantly like him because of his coolness and slyness, jin kang treated him Naturally not because She was amaze By his coolness and what not.

Omg that was sooooooo sad. Like why he hated Mooyoung so much and Then when mooyoung had really became a murderer he was suddenly all nice to lagu seo in guk smile and cry face, when really he kind of contributed to this mess whats With him Killing MY dad and stabbing MY in The pretense of it being for Jin kang i mean seriously mooyoung must have felt his decision To kill seran a justified one.

I Dont understand JG on this bit Too him hating mooyoung so much. Was Mooyoung a monster To me? Overall i love The drama but i love The pairing more for this drama. Its like mookang has a soul of its own. Keeping you current on Korean Dramas. If one, some, or all spark your interest then… Step 2: Let the commenting games begin! Which scene s stood out as your favorite s? Was Moo Young a monster? Why or why not? Jump to Comments 1. Jump to Comments Section 2.

What do you think attracted Jin Kang and Moo Young to each other? Coming Soon Jump to Comments Section 3. Jump to Comments Section 4. Jump to Comments Section 5.

Jump to Comments Section 6. Recent KDrama Club Meetings: Like this:

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Haneureseo Naerineun Ireokgaeui Byeol ; lit. It aired on tvN on October 3, on Wednesday and Thursday at Follows the story of two people who have a fateful meeting and continue to cross paths throughout their daily lives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mystery Thriller. Korean English. CJ ENM. Retrieved October 30, Instagram in Japanese. Retrieved August 4, YouTube in Korean.

Retrieved August 25, Osen in Korean. July 9, Seoul Economic Daily in Korean. August 10, YTN in Korean. May 30, JoongAng Ilbo in Korean. The Korea Times. Kpop Herald. Herald Corporation. Sports Chosun in Korean. July 13, Newsen in Korean. October 4, Pop Herald in Korean. Herald Corporation in Korean.

July 12, lagu seo in guk smile and cry face TV Report in Korean. July 30, Sports Donga in Korean. August 8, July 18, TenAsia in Korean. July 17, July 19, July 16, Retrieved January 22, See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Works by Studio Dragon. Retrieved from " https: Korean-language television programs TVN South Korea television dramas s South Korean television series South Korean television series debuts Lagu seo in guk smile and cry face Korean television series endings South Korean mystery television series South Korean thriller television series South Korean television series based on Japanese television series Television series by Studio Dragon.

Hidden bcm4330 linux kernel Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 31 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster. Falling Stars [1]. Total length: Seo In-gukJung So-min. Familiar Wife August 1 — September 20, Encounter November 28, — January 24,

lagu seo in guk smile and cry face

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Lagu seo in guk smile and cry face July 17, Namespaces Article Talk. July 13, Encounter November 28, — January 24, Promotional poster. Pop Herald in Korean.
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KDrama Club: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes - DramaCurrent

Want to learn more about the images we've used and dramas they represent? Find out here! Click here for our guidelines, templates, and what information you should include in On-Air discussions. Click here for a guide on how to tag spoilers in comments. Here is a link to this year's release schedule. You can find current drama airtimes and airdates as well as upcoming releases with links to the drama info. Uncontrollably Fond: I cried the hardest when he was slowly losing his memories and forgetting everyone around him.

I cried most especially when he rested his head on Noh Eul's shoulder and off he went. When Ji Eun Tak died. That scene got me so hard. The moment when they have to capture Jo In Sung's character because he's trying to kill himself inadvertently and the scenes following when Gong Hyo Jin can't see him for his own safety. I cry, every time. We have a winner. The part where he says in the hospital and I can't remember the exact words but he says something about how he doesn't feel quite up to it while he's trying hard not to cry.

I lost it. I sobbed so hard while watching that scene. This was it for me, too. The whole series made me a little emotional, but this was the one moment that really got to me and made me weep. It's so layered and beautiful. I still get upset about this one. I can't look at Jung Il-woo without a little bit of hurt in my heart.

Which made watching Cinderella Knights an interesting experience. Finished rewatching this tonight lagu seo in guk smile and cry face forgot how gutted I felt throughout this drama.

It's just as sad the second time around. Scheduler especially: I cried from the first minutes of the last episode. I usually don't cry with dramas but I couldn't handle it, it was too much for me. Generally, I skipped dramas that I know that will finish with a no-really happy ending but that tome I wasn't well-informed about it. Anyway I enjoyed it through the episodes. When the ghosts father is in the hospital and he's making his way towards the light at the end of the tunnel so she runs and puts her hands out lagu seo in guk smile and cry face stop him.

Goblin again, but I'd like to mention all the beautiful side stories of people who died the grim reaper dealt with. Some were really moving. And the show totally nailed those scenes. So many things in Goblin got me choked up. I loved the story with the couple where the husband waited for his wife at the end of her life. For me, it chris garneau between the bars mp3 s the scene at the Grim Reaper's tea house when the elderly couple separated by the DMZ were able to reunite.

I cried so hard. Still get teary thinking about it. Seo In Guk and Park Bogum are such great actors. That drama has some problems, but the entire show is worth it for that scene alone. But I mostly meant that i thought they treated the female lead like an idiot for the first 5 or so eps. I appreciated it when they actually let her be a competent cop later on, lol.

I enjoyed this drama so much and am craving something like it-- with mystery, romance, comedy, and a dash of thriller. Reply made me cry several times. It wasn't the heavy sobbing heartbroken type of crying though, which is why it is memorable. Reply managed to make me cry because I could relate so well to the characters, because it made me think about my own life, about my own childhood, about my own parents.

About a mother's love. It made me cry because the show was ending also. I've never cried because a tv show ended before. The one scene from a kdrama that has made me cry was in Uncontrollably Fond where he's talking to oko asewo taxi driver mother and she says that when the wind blows she'll think he's visiting her.

It's an amazing reconciliation scene and it's the only scene from a kdrama I've cried at. It really surprised me because I dropped UF after ep 5 because it lagu seo in guk smile and cry face so slow lagu seo in guk smile and cry face I picked it up again at 17 and now I can't listen to the soundtrack without getting emotional. Gaaahd I remember that scene. It hurts!!! UF was such a good drama looking back at it.

Replythe episode about the dream when they asked the students to write the university application and aschorjo prodpi cinema zippy dream. It's a happy tears. Ep 50 of Queen Seon Deok when the war ends and Mishil went to the palace, she asked bidam to come and then we saw bidam alone in the wood.

It starts as a news report about breast cancer in men, and the difficulties they face, lagu seo in guk smile and cry face because it's primarily seen as a disease that affects mostly women. His mom's watching at home and crying, Gong Hyo Jin is at the news studio and crying. Then he says something to the effect of, " I dream of a country where minorities, too, can be happy.

Both when Ji Eun Tak removed the sword and when she died. So many tears shed for this beautiful show. So many scenes, the college student ghost who didn't want her mom to see an empty fridge, little Eun Tak on her 9th birthday with her mom Yes yes, it was so emotional. Especially when they were in that room saying goodbye!! I miss that show! The recent one that I cried is Circle.

The scene when the clone says to his brother, what is his last word, which is that he's scared. He's afraid but he acts tough to protect his brother and people he love. The other drama is Signal. When the father of the past detective finally meet his lagu seo in guk smile and cry face skeletal. Same in Goblin for me. For a week afterwards, I still cried every time I thought about that scene.

Even when I rewatched the show a couple months later I cried just as much. Man, no other show has ever affected me like that. When he moved away lagu seo in guk smile and cry face "home" into his brother's house. I loved his relationship with his "father". I cried in a lot but one scene I particularly remember is Scarlet Heart, when the old lovers Kang Haneul and UI meet by the river after UI was thrown out and demoted to being the lowest kind of servant, she felt so betrayed but damn Kang Haneuls acting was brilliant that I it had me bawling in tears.

But the one that hadme crying like a child was the scene from Goblin when tha master was reunited with his dog who had been faithfully waiting for him.

I remember being destroyed by Gaksital, both at the beginning and the end. I cried both times I watched it had to rewatch with the hubs and was basically a hollow shell after. I was also post-partum so that might have had something to do with it. Nowadays I just tear up a bit. I can't remember the last time a drama got me hard enough to actually cry. I did tear up hard at Father Is Strange while I was catching up last night - [spoiler] him yelling at the judge in anger and pain at the lightness of his sentence just We are probably long lost twins.

That scene when we realize who it is shes crying and depressed over, uff. Of course, bludeh Master's Sun. All of them! I have never cried harder that I cried watching this drama. And to make it worse, I had no idea it was a tragedy. I kept waiting for it to get better, all the way to the last scene. I wasn't ready. So many tearful scenes for Dear My Friends, but the one with Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Hye Ja in the movie theater when Kwang Soo's character realizes that he now has to be the parent in this mother-son relationship gets me every time.

I've just finished it recently! I balled when they've found Hye Ja whilst carrying the makeshift baby after her disappearance, and she took out her resentment on Jung-Ah after all those years. That was heartbreaking, alongside when Jung-ah's mother passes whilst they were on the beach, and Wan and her mother were fooling around too.

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