Me-motronic engine management

me-motronic engine management

The main features of this system are: Butterfly with electronic throttle control; torque-based engine management, through which are adjusted the parameters and. The Bosch ME-Motronic system takes a radically different approach to previous engine management systems. While at first it appears little. The Motronic system is also a Multipoint system. timing control (spark) is commanded by Rotation Sensor, installed in the engine flywheel (static system). The electronic engine control unit is the central control unit and the heart of the engine management. It controls the fuel supply, air management, fuel injection.

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Register for a FREE 14 day trial. Per minute, usually RPM, physical unit. Degrees throttle-valve angle, physical unit. Axle 1 usually front axleleft side. Axle 1 usually front axleright side. Four wheel anti skid, traction control system for four-wheel drive vehicles, refer also to ASR. Four-wheel steering. All 4 wheels are steered, not just the front wheels.

Vehicle with 4 wheels, all of which are driven all-wheel drive. See also 4WD. Ampere, physical unit, or Austria. Activated charcoal filter shutoff valve.

Active body control, chassis, see also ADS. Automatic braking differential, usually proper name. General operating licence, model approval of car for operation on public roads. Anti-Blocking System, usually proper name. Me-motronic engine management System separate, system name, proper name. Anti-Blocking System integrated in brake booster, system me-motronic engine management, proper name.

Auxiliary-air valve or Automatic blocking prevention, another term for ABS. Air conditioning, air conditioner, me-motronic engine management Alternating current. Active centre differential, automatic limited-slip differential Mitsubishi Airbag Control Module.

Air charge temperature. Temperature of charge air with turbocharger. Atmospheric-pressure dependent full-load stop with distributor injection pumps. Advanced dynamic aid mechanism, mechanical braking assistant Teves. See also BAS. Automatic differential brake. BMW system replacing conventional limited-slip differentials ensures traction by braking wheels.

Automatic distance control, proper name VWor Trigger duration control. Automatic throttle-valve actuator or Active driving system or Adaptive damping system. Advance electronic ignition, fully electronic ignition system. Atmospheric-pressure dependent start-of-delivery. Advanced front-lighting system. Variable light distribution via movable reflectors. Trailer coupling, or Active rear-axle kinematics Auxilliary Heater Module. Autonomous intelligent cruise control speed and distance.

Me-motronic engine management clutch. Clutch operates when driving off, shifting, and stopping. Automatic child-seat detection, usually integrated into an airbag uninstaller software s. Automatic clutch system.

The clutch pedal is no longer needed. Automatic load-dependent braking force control. Adaptive light control. The headlight illumination is distributed variably according to the driving situation city, country, motorway. Absolute measurement, boost-pressure dependent full-load stop.

Assembly Line Diagnostic Link, Opel diagnostic plug. Atmospheric pressure and load-dependent start-of-delivery. Arithmetic and logic unit microcomputerproper name. Axle load distribution drive-off aid. Automatic headlight me-motronic engine management aim control.

Active noise control. System actively influences the intake noise, reducing it by about 15 dB. Active parking brake. Teves system containing interface to electronics, with driver-assistance functions such as drive-off assistance, parking aid, and immobilizer. Triggering unit for restraint systems with external differentiated triggering. Airbag system from DaimlerChrysler. Trigger unit for restraint systems with integrated emergency-call control.

Air intake or Towing protection or South America. Automatic stability control, controlled force transmission. Automatic stability control, regulated force transmission with traction control. Automatic limited-slip differential, usually proper name. Attachment control unit or Semi-automatic transmission.

Asynchronous machine Alarm Siren Module. Automatic stability management system. See also ESP. Exhaust-gas sensor for NOx nitrogen oxide content.

Transmission slip control, usually proper name. Transmission slip control, separate, system name, proper name. Transmission slip me-motronic engine management, integrated, system name, proper name. Air switching valve, air intake valve or Trailer control valve. Exhaust-gas temperature sensor or Automatic transmission fluid.

Spare piston, used if proper piston does not function. Lateral acceleration. Active yaw control. Rear-axle limited-slip differential Mitsubishi.

See also ACD. Adaptive cylinder equalisation. Quantity equalisation control. Internal combustion engine petrol or Bank or Belgium. Acceleration sensor or Brake assistant Mercedes Benz. Service brake system. Enables the driver to reduce the speed of a vehicle in steps during operation including to standstill.

In addition to the service brake system, a vehicle can have a parking brake, a retarder system, or an auxiliary braking system. A service brake system can be a single- or multiple-circuit system and can work mechanically, hydraulically, or pneumatically. Wideband noise test, method for testing potentiometers Body Bus.

Service-brake valve. Component of service brake system. See also BBA. Me-motronic engine management for data transmission rate. Bosch Emissions Analysis, product name for exhaust-gas tester Bosch. Brake assembly, integrated ABS, or Bulgaria. Battery high voltage capacitor ignition. Brake light suppression. Activated when the brake me-motronic engine management carries out a "preliminary charge". The main brake cylinder is actuated, leading to actuation of the light switch.

Since the driver has not braked, switch-on of the brake light must be suppressed. Brake operating unit, controls and activates the brakes. Start of paraffin precipitation. Also called cloud point.

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Me-motronic engine management Equal distribution of the intervals results in: The valve needle closes an ideal position. More From Keith McCann. When engine response is relatively poor - ie the turbos are yet to generate appreciable boost - the ME-Motronic system can open the throttle far further than the driver directly requests, and then as revs rise, automatically adjust the throttle angle to retain a linear response. Figure 1. Vasudha Batra Panjwani. In turbocharged cars, the maximum available torque output of the engine can substantially vary across a quite narrow band of me-motronic engine management speed.
Me-motronic engine management 400

Butterfly with electronic throttle control; torque-based engine management, through which are adjusted me-motronic engine management parameters me-motronic engine management functions of the injection and ignition system. The driver's desire is picked up through the Electronic Accelerator Pedal. The command unit determines then the desired torque and, by examining the engine operating slider jquery html5 and requirements of other systems air-conditioning, me-motronic engine management control, ABS brake system and radiator vaneestablished the torque strategy, resulting in ignition angle, injection volume and throttle opening.

The modular structure of software and hardware provides configurations specific for each vehicle. The electronic damper control increases the accuracy of the system, reducing consumption and improving drivability. The torque-based engine management facilitates integration with other vehicle systems. Also, duplicate sensors allow for total safety of operation.

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