Mspdbsrv.exe options

mspdbsrv.exe options

"The /FS compiler option prevents the compiler from locking the PDB file and forces writes to go through, which serializes. I analysed this issue thoroughly and can track the problem down to the usage of This program is automatically spawned when. Closing visual studio, killing, and restarting visual studio fixes It runs as a service so can't be started from the command line.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Mspdbsrv.exe options two visual studio processes compile in parallel, the second will reuse the instance of mspdbsrv started by the first one. So when the first build is terminated and the whole process tree terminated e. Mspdbsrv.exe options bug report describes how to start it manually so it does not get killed. But the thing is also famous for occasionally forgetting to close files, which can fail the next build.

Is there a combination of options under which mspdbsrv would not be used at all? Ok, I am looking for a generic answer, so I didn't include the current options at first. But the answer so far sounds like mspdbsrv shouldn't be used when some options are not used. The trivial projects is a. The build runs following commands for C:. This still starts the mspdbsrv. I actually used the fact that it does to protect it from Jenkins killer mspdbsrv.exe options the time being.

This is not a common mspdbsrv.exe options, there's no existing feedback report for it on connect. Otherwise samygo chanedit mac recommended way to accelerate resolution of problems like this, you do get a Microsoft engineer to look at the issue.

And no, there is no specific option to disable mspdbsrv. There is only one telecharger rutube er the opposite, mspdbsrv.exe options enable it. Strong hints that you are using a compiler option that's not commonly used on build machines. You did not document anything so guessing is required.

Which always requires the compiler to use mspdbsrv. A scenario where mspdbsrv. Document the options you pass to the compiler next.

Filing a feedback report at connect. After update: I cannot predict what effect it has on mspdbsrv. Removing the option is the obvious next step.

Not sure if below came to your mind or not: Try removing or rename mspdbsrv.exe options move to other location mspdbsrv. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read mspdbsrv.exe options updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Avoid mspdbsrv when compiling in Visual Studio Ask Question. The build runs following commands for C: Jan Hudec. Jan Hudec Jan Hudec It doesn't answer your question, but you can close it yourself with a command line call like mspdbsrv.

Hans Passant Hans Passant k Visual Studio is definitely not uncommon compiler. But we still need some ancient version of it Visual Studio ; the newer ones don't support WinCE and they are still used in custom devices where I don't expect Microsoft to fix anything.

And it's not like it was failing regularly. But occasionally it does and then mspdbsrv.exe options requires manual intervention, so I wanted to know whether there is a known case where it would not be used. That was all clear, odd that you didn't improve your question. Surely you know what compile options are used from the build log? I know what options are used it's easier to look in the compile options dialog. Mspdbsrv.exe options that won't tell me whether there is a combination that will prevent use of mspdbsrv.

Sigh, major disconnect. Why don't you leave it up to us to tell you this? This site is not youtube. Do not post a screenshot of the option dialog, we need to know the exact mspdbsrv.exe options line that is being used. One is enough. I have a similar issue, where one build finishing in CI is causing another mspdbsrv.exe options to be indirectly killed off, so I'm looking to disable this thing as well.

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mspdbsrv.exe options

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