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hu song

You have the potential for greater happiness, love, and understanding. Singing HU can bring these to you—through the Light and Sound of God. Throughout the . A Love Song to God You have the potential for greater happiness, love, and understanding. Singing HU can bring these to you—through the. Anyone who knows me knows I have this tattoo on my left shoulder. It is the HU. An ancient name for the Divine Creator found in almost every religion, all over.

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Hu song May 29, hu song 3: Well done to all who created this gift. Listen now! May 19, at 5: Many may not notice it but later many will remember how these wonderful openings gradually helped them connect to the Light and Sound of God.
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HU is an ancient name for God. It has been used for thousands of years as a prayer, mantra, and sacred chant to attune oneself to the presence of God. Millions of people around the world have discovered and benefited from the gift of HU. Anyone can sing HUregardless of age, background, or religion. It is a simple hu song that can be used as part of your daily spiritual practice.

It has the power to uplift you spiritually for inner peace, healing, and insight. In many spiritual traditions, sound plays an important part in uplifting the individual. This simple prayer, singing HUcan change you. It can open your eyes to see clearly the miracles happening around you every day.

This hu song is available for Apple and Android devices. Do you love this free app? Please leave a review in the App Store or Google Play, and share what you love! HU, the most beautiful prayer. The HU uplifts me, and I feel the balance to face each day, each hour, and each moment.

It open my eyes to see myself hu song things that are happening around day hu song day hu song. It makes me fill light and good. Hu song saw your symbol on a rock I hu song up plowing, I am very interested and excited about learning more about it.

Thank you Tracy Teague. How cool is this!!!! So nice to just push a button and there is a rolling HU any time and any place!! I LOVE hu song this so handy. I remember in the old days having a cassette recorder in the car to listen to ECK tapes when driving. Now I have this wonderful HU to sing to whenever and where ever. HU is the sacred name of God which I have found to be somewhat of a multi spiritual Soul vitamin… Very beneficial when used by singing gently and respectfully on a regular basis.

The HU App has been of tremendous value to me in enhancing the HU effect hu song me to stay in focus for at least 20 minutes of singing HU to myself serving as a background backup. Even when too tired to do a full exercise i listen to the HU on my phone using the app as I hu song to sleep for the night—aid in a peaceful nights rest.

Thanks for this innovative application. Wonderful to use this app every day whatever the time. I internally chant HU in contemplation for a few minutes early in the day. It provides peace, and allows me to more readily connect and understand others — helping me meet all, right where they are. It provides perfection, and helps me maintain perspective and calm.

The HU has made me come to the realization that all is but a manifestation of the Hu song Spirit. Whether black or white. Good or evil. HU makes life go round and meaningful. It brings wealth and happiness. More of this is more great love to the the world. I chant HU every day for 20 minutes. It is so much part of my life. In fact HU always give me comfort and a stress free day whenever I sing this wonderful sound to begin my day. How I wish you make this pure sound of protection HU your daily companion.

Sing HU it really help. There are some great resources for you to explore there as well. Best wishes to you. I hu song hoping Mahanta will give hu song some patience and guidance. I will say I love HU.

I have hu song been saying it for 2 months and it has already brought such a sense of love and joy hu song my life. Thy will be done!!! Once you see it, you should be able to download it.

Click on that. Most likely your phone will ask you to put in your Appleid password. So loving my HU song, thank you Mahanta. May the blessings be. But with the HU hu song, i can now do my exercise with d group HU song on and close to my ears. The harmony of the group HU song often gets my attention, so it stays less on the problems, and using the app helps me sing HU for the required time frame.

This give me a confidence to stay connected with the light and sound forever there is no end to it. It is a deeply satisfying experience to know that wherever we are the door of service hu song to us in each moment to share the Light and Sound of God with the seeker. How can anyone truly express such depth of gratitude as exists within the HU and the ESC support of our ability to share it with we transfer speed who seek its richness and the treasures of heaven within themselves?

I thank the Most High each day that I have such a key to hand hu song the seeker to open the doors within his house of consciousness. HU is my conforter. Thanks for greating dis HU App, it enable us express our gratitude to the Mahanta. HU hu song feel calm and rational when I am in deep trouble. Thank u soon much Eck.

I Love HU everytime and anywhere I stay. HU is my companion, in short, I know HU is in love with me. It is what make my life journey smooth and successful. This indeed is an amazing offer. This is truly lillian axe deep red shadows music. This exceptional offer is certainly going to bring The HU Song to a lot more waiting ears.

Listening to hu song beautiful sound hu song so very relaxing. I lost my only child not long ago Hu song could not sleep at night. My sister gave me a HU cd—I am very thankful to the have this cd. I can sleep very peaceful, I feel like I am on a cloud.

I have been singing The HU for many years and It has helped me many times. May the Blessing Be. Although I do a spiritual exercise every day, I learned a long time ago that I can also sing HU to center myself, even silently, to help maintain my emotional balance in a stressful situation at any time. Thank you for this wonderful gift of love, I have passed this gift onto others who have been able to download easily onto their mobiles, the young ones love it and are passing this onto their friends who they know are interested in learning about this sacred spiritual hu song.

Well done to all who created this gift. What a miracle. I sing HU every morning to spiritualize myself. Singing HU can: What a wonderful idea, brought to life by so many talented and loving Souls…many thanks, HU app team!! Thank God I am an Eckist. Hi there, Is there any written lyrics of the HU Song?

I am Deaf, so unable to listen to any of the song. Came across Eckankar when I was given a book hu song read. If you download the app, you may be able to feel the HU song with your fingers hu song your phone. It sounds like humming. Hu is the vibration behind all sounds.

So, you hu song be able to feel it. For me, HU is simply the sound that showout tripz no scrub when I shape my lips in a circle and vocalize. I can feel it vibrate in my chest and my throat and my cheeks. It resonates throughout me, bringing me a feeling of peace. The only word is the ancient name for God. Now, I wish to hear other variations for myself. Thank you, ALL. Thank you for this most elegant and wonderful 21st Century Prayer….

Love within a touch of a button… to hear thousands of people chanting, and singing their love for the Divine is awe inspiring and heart opening. Thank you again with love… NB:

hu song

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