Wefax software

wefax software

After this tutorial, you'll find wefax decoding to be a piece of cake. Heeere's A software defined radio will be a BIG help, but its not necessary. Hobby Level Software. Bonito RadioJet Deooder (in German) Lemma Page is in German. Professional Equipment/Software. WEFAX stands for Weather Facsimile and is similar to other types of fax transmissions to a receiver and then to a PC running a suitable APT software package.

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The working area of the program is divided into several windows, the sizes of which can be changed by the user by dragging the borders. In the top window the current spectrum of a signal blue line and a peak detector of spectral components green line are shown. Ruler under this window shows frequencies of sound wefax software. The long vertical red lines in this window show the working frequencies wefax software the decoder filters.

In FAX mode these lines show "black" and "white" frequencies. To change the center frequency, click on the desired frequency probably between the peaks. The bottom window shows an oscillogram of the decoded signal. Logarithmic scale is more convenient usually, but it needs more computer resources.

The " SQL " button switches squelch on. The number wefax software the left of the "SQL" button determines the squelch threshold. When squelch is switched on, the horizontal red line shows the squelch threshold in spectrogram window.

The " AFC " button auto frequency control adjusts the long red lines working frequencies to the closest peak frequencies. The first number is local deviation in hertzs, i. Second number is global deviation in hertzs, i. User-selected frequencies are shown at spectrogram by short red lines.

These phasing lines are transmitted just before real image transmitting. Amateur RTTY radio station and some commercial station use opposite polarity. Weather stations use 50 Baud speed. They use 85 Hz shift in the longwave band and Hz shift in shortwave bands usually.

Amateur stations use 45 Baud speed and Hz shift usually. Commercial stations use 50 Baud speed and Hz shift usually. Narrow wefax software is used at long wave band. When this option is selected, program can synchronize with receiving signal much faster, because it wefax software need special idle symbols to do it. But there is chance to make incorrect synchronization in that case.

Received symbols are displayed on the second from top window. A name of log file is date-stamped. For example, " TXT wefax software is raw log file for 08 October SeaTTY finds these sequences in symbol stream and writes messages separately in the " Messages " wefax software. A name of message file is time-stamped. If station ID is found in a message, it is included in a filename. For example, " KA TXT ". Filter list includes 4-symbols mask, which can consist of digits, letters, "?

These messages are not human-readable and consist of groups of digits. If message was started or stopped manually, it is saved wefax software filter settings.

The same button has " Stop " caption while message receiving and can be used to stop message receiving before "NNNN" footer.

PNG " is an image saved at The left bottom window holy wars live megadeth s a tree of received messages and images. The right bottom window shows a text of selected message or preview of selected image. To open message file in a text editor, open image file in an image editor or to play voice message, make double-click at the message window or at the tree window.

If date is selected raw log file opens. Wefax software delete message or image, select it and press " Delete " key. To delete all messages and images for one day, select desired date in the tree and press "Delete" key.

When that option is selected, receiving symbol shift is switched to a "Letters" after receiving "Space" or "Line Feed" symbol. Manual switching of receiving symbol shift can be made by keyboard.

The hotkey for these commands is Alt-V. Take to attention that a minute of sound recording need above 1 MByte disk space. A sample rate must beor Hz. Preferred file parameters are mono, 16 bit, Hz. There are wefax software hzm slzy klauna firefox to correct sound card sampling rate variation against nominal frequency Hz. INI file, f. Any of these parameters define real sampling frequency. When both parameters are defined, the command line parameter has priority.

See details there. The program looks for this file in the working directory. INI file is not found in a working directory, working directory is changed to a default value. You can have several variants of the ini-file for different situations. INI file to each of this directories. If this button is pressed and stop signal is received, SeaTTY stops receiving and wefax software image automatically.

To start receiving manually, click on " Start " button. If you click on "Start" button while image receiving, received image will be dropped and receiving will be re-started.

To stop receiving manually, click on " Stop " button. Manually stopped image is not saved automatically. To save manually stopped or changed image, click on " Save " wefax software. Click to this button, then click to point of image which should be moved to left side of image start of line. Click on "Save" skyland minecraft map to save changed image.

Vertical lines of received image are slanted when sound card sampling frequency difference from nominal one. Slant correction, at first, fix received image and, at second, calculate real sampling frequency to avoid wefax software distortion in future receiving.

To make slant correction you need to have received image in receiving window. Receiving should be stopped. Find a line whish should be vertical on an image. Wefax software on the slant correction button. Click on the start of this line, then click on the end of this line. SeaTTY will wefax software if it must save calculated sampling frequency to the ini-file. Select "Yes" to apply changes and save calculated frequency to ini-file.

Select "No" to apply changes, but not save calculated frequency to ini-file. At least, click "Cancel" to cancel changes. Click on "Save" button if your want to save changed image. There are short messages about receiving process also. SeaTTY v2. Cluster monitor. Simple software to handle devices connected to LPT port. Downloads SeaTTY v2. Registration Price:

wefax software

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